Support Red Nose Day!

Mori Joining In

Mori is the first stray cat that I became involved with and to me is still the most beautiful.

He started my love of cats, and has been OUR cat for over 2 years now. When we first took him in he was an extremely thin and hungry 7 months old kitten. Now he is a big strong, confident, affectionate, incredibly active and inquisitive boy, that Chris and I love completely. Adopting Mori is one of the best things we ever did.

Of course this picture isn’t really of Mori wearing a red nose, (he won’t even wear a collar!) but is thanks to the digital mastery of For £1 you can upload a photo and add a red nose to support this weeks activities.

AND for more Red Nose fun check out Chris’s Photo.

AND if any of you DO fancy joining in the fun AND supporting Red Nose day, I will feature on the site photos of your cats with their red noses!

4 thoughts on “Support Red Nose Day!

  1. Mary

    I think Mori knows what you have done as he looks a little perturbed! I am sure he will be happy to be contributing to red nose day as he was an abandoned child taken in 2 years ago!

  2. Kerstin Jurgens

    SMILE … very sweet… looks very funny because Mori is looking so very straight… :o)

  3. Martina Schmidt

    hi sandra, red nose day we know in germany too..but i have never seen such a cute red nose ;o)))

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