Happy Xabi Kitten


One VERY Contented Kitten

Here is Xabi in his new home, and I’m not sure a cat could look more relaxed and contented!

He is a rather special little fellow to me as, as well as being very beautiful and a real character, he is the son of Mimi and the grandson of my cat Saidi. He has had to wait a few weeks in a foster home in Germany as his new family were on holiday, but he appears to have settled in really fast over the last few days.

It is always these ‘at sleep’ pictures that are the best as they show pure contentment and trust in their new surroundings. Here’s hoping he has a great life in his new home; it certainly seems likely!!!


One VERY Contented Kitten


2 thoughts on “Happy Xabi Kitten

  1. Jenny

    Another lovely story, another happy ending! Super news for you Sands as Saidi and her descendants are so special – very pleasing to read about…..

  2. Chris

    Another photo of a lucky and happy cat, something about these photos when they are on their backs looking so content and safe!

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