Harvey & Greta – New Photos

The first photos of Harvey & Greta in their new home came through about 2 months ago. Now I have 2 new photos of this lovely brother and sister playing.

I am also re-publishing at the end of this post, my favourite photo of Harvey chilling out.

Also the news of Greta is fantastic. She was always the more nervous of these 2 former rock cats. The last we heard was that she loved her new Mum but was not so sure about Dad. Now it seems things have moved on considerably and she is one happy cat. This email came from Kerstin in Germany, with the latest photos:

“Greta likes all and cuddles. ahe is only afraid of men she does not know – then she is behind the sofa… but friends, other women, the husband – there is no problem… she likes them and cuddles… A girl friend stayed there for a night and Harvey and Greta!!!! cuddled and slept with her on the sofa in the living room… Greta also likes to play with tabletennis balls… :o)))))) I almost cannot believe this… ;o) Great home for her…!!!”

And as for brother Harvey, he has been playing with and cuddling everybody, virtually from day one, so he is very happy too.

It took several months to find these 2 their home, which involved long stays in 2 separate foster homes in Germany. This was mainly because we were looking for people willing to adopt 2 fully grown cats, being determined to keep this brother and sister together, and Harvey and Greta are big cats.

I think Greta has benefited so much from now being settled, and having lots of time to get used to her new family. This is such a happy ending for these lovely cats who were abandoned on the rocks in Almerimar as small kittens.

Harvey & Greta Playing

Harvey & Greta Playing


2 thoughts on “Harvey & Greta – New Photos

  1. Pam Roberts

    I fed this brother and sister for sometime on the rocks and they were always together – always hungry and are beautiful looking cats. I know they have been in and out of a few foster homes but it was imperative that they stayed together and it seems as tho they have lucked into a lovely permanent home together.All the rock cats have now got good homes -apart from my favourite – Chivers the big ginger tom – but I am sure the wonderful girls in Germany will find him a forever home soon as he is such a character. I would love to have kept him – if only to keep my dog in order!!!

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