Harvey & Greta Sorted


Meet Harvey

I’ve written before about my frustration that some of our beautiful, people loving stray cats keep getting ‘bumped’ down the list for re-homing by newly-abandoned, more vulnerable ‘pets’. I’m now really pleased to be able to report that Harvey and Greta are now booked for re-homing in Germany. They are the remaining 2 siblings of a litter that was left on the rocks about a year ago, and along with Mina and Tommy and a couple of others, have been our Rock Cats for the past year.

The Rocks will I think remain one of the places where cats and kittens get ‘dumped’ so we will always ‘watch this space’, but with Greta and Harvey on their way to a better life, this will be one less location for daily feeds and a good reduction in our stray cat population here in Almerimar.

Jean and George have kindly offered these 2 a foster home while we finish getting them ready for Germany, and they are booked on the transport for June 5th. Both seem healthy and well and very tame, and my hope is that the girls in Germany will be able to find them a ‘forever’ home together.


Brother & Sister


Meet Greta


Meet Greta


Meet Harvey

3 thoughts on “Harvey & Greta Sorted

  1. Pam Roberts

    It has been a real pleasure to feed these two lovely cats, they are very affectionate,very clean and their fur is in excellent condition.They run to meet my car early every morning and fuss and purr around me whilst I am getting their food ready.I am keeping my fingers crossed that they can be rehomed in Germany together.They will make lovely pets for someone.

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