He abused an innocent animal that he was supposed to rescue

This Police Officer Intentionally Ran Over a Horse and Trapped It Until Someone Shot It to Death

Police in Pennsylvania recently received a call that a horse was roaming loose on a road, leaving it in grave danger of injury. In fact, at least one car had already hit the poor creature, meaning it needed help fast. So police sent two state troopers to the scene. But instead of putting the animal’s safety first, those officers chose to do the opposite. One state trooper intentionally slammed his patrol car into the innocent horse over and over. Then he charged forward and drove over the animal, pinning it the ground beneath the weight of his car’s wheels. Afterwards, the second officer on the scene shot the horse to death in order to “euthanize it.” But that’s a euthanasia that never needed to happen.

The officers created this entire painful situation and must be held accountable. They forced the horse into a situation where it needed medical assistance immediately. And then, they killed the innocent creature in order to “put it out of” the misery that they themselves caused. The department has since suspended the man who ran over the horse without pay, and a district judge has charged him with animal cruelty. Those are both important steps. But he must also be fired — now. Such a violent person has no place in a position of weapon-carrying authority and should not be in charge of defending public safety. Sign the petition to demand that the Pennsylvania State Police fire this violent animal abuser now!

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