He left his starved pets’ remains to decompose in his house

Again! How do neighbours not notice and/or do anything.

He Starved His Pets to Death Until Their Eyeballs Rotted Away. He Must Never Own Animals Again!

A person was passing by a home in Rogersville, Tennessee when they noticed something alarming: the overwhelming reek of decay and the sound of desperate dogs barking at a nearly-abandoned home.

No one had been seen at the residence in weeks. So the person called the local Humane Society staff, who discovered a horrific scene at the home.

Investigators found the decomposing bodies of animals in cages on the driveway, in trash bags, and throughout the house. The rotting remains were formerly dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and more. Two aquarium turtles were “so badly decomposed, their eyes were rotted out.”

Miraculously, some animals had survived, including a severely malnourished boa constrictor snake and four dogs. All of the pups were horribly dehydrated, emaciated, and riddled with infections. Thankfully, the local Humane Society ensured that all surviving animals received proper veterinary care and are now on their way to healing.

Authorities have found and arrested the animals’ owner who neglected and starved them to death. But we must make sure that other animals stay safely away from him in the future!

Authorities must ban this man from owning or living with animals ever again! Sign the petition if you agree.

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