He let puppies starve in his home

Litters of Tiny Puppies Were Starving in This Dog Breeder’s Home. He Must Never Own Animals Again!

Investigators in Manchester, UK recently discovered several litters of puppies in a dog breeder’s home — locked up in hidden crates, crying out, and starving. The little dogs were so badly malnourished, rescuers could see the animals’ skeletons pushing out against their skin. There wasn’t even any food or water in the home for them. One animal became so badly ill, the man euthanized it several days before officials visited his home, rather than come up with the cash to pay for its veterinary treatment. For those those puppies that remained alive, he shoved them into several crates and carriers, then hid them underneath bedsheets scattered around his home.

Even worse, this wasn’t the first time that investigators had discovered mistreated animals in this man’s home. In the fall of 2020, they found a dog with new cuts on her body that seemed quite deep, possibly from from dog fighting. If authorities knew this dog breeder was not taking care of his animals as far back as 2020, then why did they allow him to still breed and own dogs? Since then, he has admitted to animal cruelty and received a sentence that included a ban on having animals… but only for five years. There is no justification for ever allowing this man around animals again. Sign the petition to demand authorities ban this dog breeder from ever owning or breeding pets again! He cannot be trusted to keep them safe.

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