He threw a kitten into a blazing fire pit, then let it suffer for days after

Sick, just sick.

A Man Threw a Kitten Into a Fire Pit. The Poor Thing Didn’t Survive. Justice for Phoenix!

In a truly unthinkable case of animal abuse, a little kitten was found in dire condition after being violently thrown into an open fire pit in Portland, Tennessee. The helpless, tiny thing — which rescuers shrewdly named Phoenix — was suffering from serious burns and injuries, including damage to his lungs from smoke inhalation. 

The man responsible did not seek medical attention for Phoenix for 48 hours, which likely sealed the kitten’s fate. While local nonprofit organization True Rescue did their best to save little Phoenix, he tragically passed away from his painful injuries.

The suspect was arrested, but clearly what this man needs is a psychological evaluation and possibly treatment. This behavior should be a clear flag to authorities that this person may need diagnoses and support from a professional. And regardless of if he serves time in jail or if he gets a formal diagnosis, this person clearly should not be allowed to ever own an animal again. Sign the petition now to tell Portland Authorities: prevent this man from ever owning a pet again and get him access to psychological treatment!

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