He tied a dog up to the car and sped down the street

Yes, would be happy to see someone do the same to him!

A Man Brutally Dragged a Dog Behind His Car, and It Was All Caught on Tape

A video that recently went viral shows a man in Jodhpur, India literally tying a dog to his car and dragging the animal behind his vehicle as it speeds up. The shocking video shows the poor pup struggling to keep up with the speeding car, being flung back and forth on the street. It fights to stay upright, barely managing to keep itself from skinning alive on the road below. Luckily, the animal survived, though it suffered multiple painful fractures. But as of now, the man can continue to own as many animals as he wants in the future — and continue driving this vehicle that he used to torture, and nearly kill, this innocent dog.

Animal lovers in India are outraged over this obvious abuse and are demanding authorities take action now. It’s extremely important that local officials take violence against animals seriously in order to send a strong message that animal cruelty and torture will not be tolerated. It is time the Jodhpur police step up to protect local dogs by charging this man with animal cruelty. They must also institute a lifetime ban against him owning future animals and a lifetime suspension of his driver’s license. We must stand with animal lovers in India and raise up their voices. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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