Help seek justice for Panther, the cat thrown from a 22nd story window

A Boy in Singapore Threw a Cat Out of a 22nd Floor Building

A video has gone viral of an unidentified boy violently flinging a cat out of a 22nd story window in Singapore. The video is incredibly disturbing, and has caused understandable outrage. The cat that was thrown was a beloved neighborhood cat named Panther, and local people and animal rights supporters all around the world want justice for Panther.

Many online are calling for harsh punishments for the boy, who is a minor. However, putting children in jail doesn’t protect animals. What does protect animals is therapy and counseling, where people who harm them can have access to the help they clearly need. Throwing a minor behind bars has the potential to destroy their life, and there is no evidence that it will reduce the likelihood that they abuse more animals in the future. But by getting this child access to the treatment and counseling that they clearly need, we can protect other animals from this type of harm.

I am urging you to please sign this petition and join me in encouraging Singapore authorities to use the most effective means of reducing harm to animals — mandated counseling for this child. Justice for Panther means ensuring that this child gets the help they need to prevent further harm to animals.

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