Help Stop Dog and Cat Meat Trade in China

These cats and dogs were on their way to the slaughterhouse. Now they need our help. 

Donate $35 today to rescue pets from slaughter.

Fortunately, a concerned citizen sounded the alarm when they saw a man carrying a bag stuffed with crying and panicked cats. 

These sweet babies were rescued from the man who planned to sell them to a butcher. And we are so grateful our partners intervened in time. You see, the dog and cat meat trade is ruthless. 

Cats and dogs, just like those in the picture above, are plucked off the streets. They are kept stuffed in bags or in crowded cages. Hungry and thirsty, these animals suffer terribly.

These innocent animals are beaten, skinned, boiled or blowtorched. And all this begins while they are still alive.

Please donate $35 to stop the torture. Funds will be rushed to our partner groups in China.

With your help, they’ll rescue and care for sweet animals like Luna, the brown dog pictured above. This girl has been rescued, but she isn’t out of danger yet. She is sick and will need weeks of specialized care. 

Your generous support will give animals like Luna a second chance. Any amount you can give will help.


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