Help Typhoon Haitan Animals

It’s been two weeks since Typhoon Haiyan battered the Philippines, but their work isn’t close to being done.

One of the things that strikes me again and again is how much people here worry about their animals, even when they are facing their own incredible struggles in towns destroyed by the storm.

Before the typhoon hit, people did whatever they could to keep their pets and livestock safe. After the storm, people shared what little food they had with their animals. Evacuees were desperate to be reunited with their dogs and cats.

Since IFAW’s Disaster Response Team arrived in the Philippines, they have helped hundreds of animals. They need our to help us continue this lifesaving work.

Along with distributing food and clean water, priorities include medical treatment and vaccinations. These measures will save animal lives and ensure we minimise the risk of rabies, a disease that can affect human survivors.

Working with veterinarians and an emergency responder from a partner group, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), are vaccinating dogs and cats against rabies and administering injectable vitamins for companion and farm animals and handing out pet food.

You can help save dogs and cats in the Philippines. By supporting IFAW’s Disaster Response Team, you will help give injured and hungry animals the care they need.

I’ll be sure to send you updates about the animals that you and I are saving.

You can make a donation here


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