Helpless cats were tortured. Then those who spoke out to protect them were harassed

Two Actors Stood Up Against Cat Torture Videos. Then They Were Doxxed.

In the midst of utterly horrific reports of circulating animal abuse videos, Chinese actors Zhang Xinyu and Zhao Lusi heroically spoke up on social media to condemn the cruelty.

The alleged torture videos are extremely upsetting — a group of influencers film themselves “killing [cats], burning them, opening their bellies when they are alive and pouring in sulfuric acid.”

But shortly after the actors’ brave posts, some cat abusers illegally obtained Zhang and Zhao’s phone numbers and other private information. Then, they doxxed them and posted this information online, openly inviting harassment from other abusers.

Clearly, animal abusers in the country know that they are losing this fight. The movement for anti-cruelty legislation has rapidly grown in China the past several decades, and is now widely supported throughout the country. There is no reason Chinese legislators can’t pass comprehensive legislation to prevent animal abuse. 

It is time for the government of China to finally stand up against cruelty and protect animals and the people speaking up for them. Sign the petition to demand the NPC Standing Committee pass anti-cruelty legislation immediately!

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