Her dog became emaciated, infected, and tumor-stricken. She neglected it anyway

She Neglected Her Dogs Until Tumors Burst and They Couldn’t Walk

A woman in Illinois allegedly grossly neglected 13 dogs and puppies — some as young as 2 months old.

When authorities arrived at the property, the dogs were suffering from conditions that included puncture wounds on their faces, heartworm, disintegrating teeth, respiratory illnesses, bacterial and skin infections, bladder stones, and severe hair loss.

Others were missing parts of their ears, indicating that someone who wasn’t a vet had chopped them off. One animal experienced a burst tumor that she neglected for multiple days, leaving the poor pup unable to walk.

When she finally turned to a veterinarian, the doctor diagnosed the dog with not only a burst tumor, but also starvation, malnutrition, emaciation and severe muscle loss, advanced arthritis, and multiple additional tumors. Yet the owner did not follow up with appropriate medical care for the pup or follow the veterinarian’s recommendations for care.

This particular dog has since passed away as a result of her painful medical conditions. Officials have rescued the rest of the animals and charged the woman with multiple counts of animal cruelty.

This person clearly is not capable of owning or adequately taking care of animals. She should not be allowed to possess, adopt, or live with pets again! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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