Here’s Marmalade

03/12/13: today news and great new photos arrived of our now quite big boy. Carlos is now almost 1 year old and it seems is still full of energy and craziness! He is a little too much for Momo his house mate but it seems he has a ‘garden’ friend who comes to visit several times a days now to fight and do ‘boy stuff’! and his Mum’s daughter also loves to play rough with him. Other times he loves to watch his Mum in the bath, talks all the time she is cooking for food, AND complains if he cannot sit on her knees at night. Fortunately he DOES sleep well at night and for a few hours in the afternoon or all would be exhausted! I think you can tell that he is VERY happy and VERY loved!!!

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13/07/13: more new photos have arrived in the last week of one VERY happy boy, now called Carlos! Life is just perfect and he has even been allowed out in the garden.
16/06/13: Marmalade arrived in his new home in Germany this morning and I already have news and lovely new photos of him. A big thankyou to Pauline his foster Mum here for all her love and care, but your little man has moved quickly on! “Everything has worked fine! Marmalade is very bright and not at all tired! Already after 10 min he wanted to be petted and purrs like a champ! As I write this he is practicing on my lap, rolling on his back with his belly out. He also has eaten and drunk. Only his cat bed (black and white plush) he for now does not like …. he hisses loudly at it. Now he is playing with a paper ball and shoots it back and forth across the room. I think his energy is really inexhaustible! You need not worry about him ….. he really seems to feel absolutely fine here. I have had many cuddly cats, but this little guy is really the king :-)”

11/06/13: Marmalade now has his forever family and will be off to Germany in the next week. He will have a lovely young male cat to be his friend.
29/05/13: It is obvious why this gorgeous little boy has his name! He was found at about 4 weeks old by a lovely English woman and has been fostered since then by the lovely Pauline who helps a lot of cats. Marmalade is now about 5 months old and is late going up for adoption because he has been suffering from a slight but persistent virus which delayed his vaccinations. He has never been particularly sick and has been busy terrorising Pauline’s older cats and playing rough games with her big friendly dog. This little man is now very well and is on the urgent list to travel to Germany as he desperately needs a cat playmate of his own age and energy! I have a feeling he will have his forever home sooner rather than later as he is also very friendly and affectionate to people and completely adorable as long as you are not a quiet older cat!

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