He’s still a veterinarian, even after mistreating hundreds of animals

This Vet Abused Animals Until They Were Missing Eyeballs. Ban Him From Practicing Veterinary Medicine Now!

Veterinarians are supposed to care for animals, but instead, a veterinarian in Oklahoma is allegedly a serial animal abuser. When authorities arrived at the vet’s farm, they discovered more than 200 animals who were in such awful conditions, they needed to see a veterinarian — but definitely not this veterinarian. The mistreated animals included two horses, each of whom were missing an eye. One of the poor horse’s situation was so bad, its remaining eye was infected and leaking ooze onto its face. Officials ultimately rescued 186 animals from this vet’s property, including dogs, kittens, guinea pigs, large tortoises, sugar gliders, ostriches, emus, two parrots, and more. To make matters worse, this vet was already a known animal abuser!

Last year, authorities seized upwards of 350 animals from this vet’s farm and charged him with animal abuse and animal cruelty. Those charges are still pending — yet somehow, in the meantime, he was able to accumulate hundreds of additional animals and continue practicing as a veterinarian. Apparently, the Oklahoma Veterinary Board is aware of the situation, but so far has refused to revoke this man’s license to practice veterinary medicine. Because of the Oklahoma Veterinary Board’s negligence, hundreds of animals became this vet’s latest victims — and two horses lost eyes. Sign the petition to tell the Oklahoma Veterinary Board to immediately revoke this notorious veterinarian’s license. Local authorities in Oklahoma should also ban him from ever living with, adopting, or owning animals again!

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