Hippos are being butchered for parts at a staggering rate

Over 3,000 Hippos Were Slaughtered to Meet Demand for U.S. Product Imports. Demand Protections!

Hippos are in trouble — and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service must act!

Under current U.S. law, trading hippos’ body parts is perfectly legal, and Americans do a lot of it. In just 11 years, the country imported over 9,000 teeth, 2,000 trophies, and nearly 1,700 carvings. At least 3,000 hippos had to be slaughtered to meet those numbers, and experts believe there are fewer than 110,000 left in the wild. If we don’t act fast, we could lose them forever.

It is time federal law finally change to protect these amazing animals! Hippos are already listed as “vulnerable to extinction” because of both poaching and habitat loss. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service must immediately add hippos to the Endangered Species list so that they can have protections under the Endangered Species Act! Sign now if you agree!

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