Horses are dying painful deaths for human entertainment

Two More Horses Died Violently at the Belmont Park Race Track. When Will This End?

Two more sweet, beloved horses, Mashnee Girl and Excursionniste, died after suffering violently painful injuries during — you guessed it — a horse racing event.

This means that four horses have died at Belmont Park alone in the past two months. Keeping this track open is an insult to these horses’ memories — and puts many more of these intelligent, gentle creatures at risk.

To make matters worse, horse racing in the U.S. is especially dangerous. There are very few regulations managing racing in the U.S., and the country has a shockingly high rate of euthanization. A whopping 7,200+ horses died in just over a decade of races between 2009-2021. Why won’t the few horse regulatory authorities act to prevent more deaths?

Clearly, racing is not safe for horses — and we must take action, starting with shutting down the deadly Belmont Park racetrack for good! Sign the petition to tell the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority to protect horses and shut down Belmont Park!

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