How Has This Happened?

It is just over 3 years since we adopted Mori from the bins at the end of our street. At the time I was definitely not a cat person, having been brought up with dogs, but with Mori it was love at first sight.

Chris was the more sensible one, putting forward how it would change our life and in particular our freedom to travel. I just knew that Mori was far too beautiful to be starving and lonely on the streets. That was the first stirrings of my love of animals that I had hidden for so long.

Even then it was only the beginning. I complained at first when Mori wanted to sleep on our bed, and wanted to try and keep our home as it had always been, but how things have changed over the 3 years.

The other night Chris and I were struggling to find room for our legs in bed, in between our now 3 beautiful cats, and I am fully committed to AlStrays and loving it. We have not 1 but 2 cat activity centres on our balcony, our lovely leather furniture is not exactly destroyed but is certainly customised, and there seem to be cat beds, cushions, toys, bowls etc. all over our apartment. Last night I was even playing ‘string’ with Saidi at 4am, and at lunchtime today Oscar decided to join us at the table!

This, to the none cat (or dog lover), may all seem rather strange behaviour, but to those of us who spoil our pets, it is just ‘normal’, and something to smile about!!!

2 thoughts on “How Has This Happened?

  1. Sands Post author

    Of course! Sorry … I did forget that!!! He chose us! Then I chose Saidi because she looked like Mori, so I guess that was down to him too. And finally Nick fished Oscar out of the water and Dawn gave him to us to look after, AND Mori loved him so that was that!!! All down to Mori who came to change our lives!!!!!

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