How to Choose the Right Pair of Contacts for Your Make Up

These days, being presentable and looking good is a must for most people. Since trends and fashion change every now and then, people also have this need to reinvent themselves once in a while.  Before, self-reinvention may mean a change in hair cut or wardrobe. These days, the beauty industry has taken self-reinvention into a whole new level– a level that most people would really like to take advantage of. Thanks to the beauty industry, we can now change the color of our hair, body and skin tone. That is, actually, a complete reinvention of yourself. However, the beauty industry didn’t stop there. At this age of time, people are also given the chance to change their eye color whenever they feel like it.  To do this, the beauty industry has given us the gift of eye contact lenses.

When it comes to choosing the shade of contact lens that you will use, it is always best that you take into great consideration the shade of the makeup you wish to wear. Changing eye color is indeed a lot of fun. It is true that being experimental is fun however you should first determine whether it will suit you or not.
The first thing you need to do when choosing a contact lens is to take a look at your skin tone. Which color would match it? This is a very important thing since you cannot just easily change the tone of your skin in the event that you have chosen the wrong contact lens color.

For Fair Skin

For people with fair skin, contact lens with the shade of blue or green is highly recommended. This will enhance not only your eyes but your skin tone as well. For the shades of eye shadow, it is best to wear green eye shadow for green contact lenses and blue eye shadow for blue contact lenses. However, the shade of your eye shadow should be a lot lighter than that of your eye color.

When it comes to the color of your eyeliner, it is always best to opt for lighter shades like brown. Although black is most commonly used, it can look a bit harsh if applied to people with fair skin. Putting on blue mascara while wearing blue eye contact lenses will make your eyes really stand out.

For Medium-toned

If you have a medium skin tone, you can choose between violet or blue contact lenses. The best eye shadow colors for this contact lenses are brown, taupe or plum. On the other hand, you can also make use of amethyst or turquoise contact lenses. For this, you can apply eye shadow with the shades of plum or amethyst. For a more intriguing effect, put on a dash of silver on your eyelids.

For Darker skin

Women with darker skin can put great emphasis on their eyes by opting for deep blue and green lenses. As a second choice, sapphire and amethyst contact lenses are highly recommended. In order to make the most of your new and intense eye color, putting on a bronze eye shadow will do the trick. In the event that you opted for contact lenses with a shade of blue or amethyst, a brown eye shadow will be a great combination. If you fell in love with turquoise, it is time to get some eye shadows with the shade of amber.

These are some great eye shadow tips that you can use in choosing a contact lens. In order to complement your new look, putting on red or pink lipstick will seal the deal.

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