Hunters killed a bald eagle and planned on cooking it

Two Men Shot a Bald Eagle and ‘Planned To Eat it Later’

Two men in Nebraska went on a hunting expedition, planning to kill a bird and use it as a meal. But what they bagged wasn’t just any bird: they accidentally shot a bald eagle.

Sign now to demand the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission increase public education and awareness for bald eagles!

Bald eagles are protected under federal law. But the men seemed genuinely unaware of this fact – and equally surprised to learn that these animals were nesting in the area. 

If these men didn’t recognize the bird they killed as a protected bald eagle, other people in the area are likely unaware bald eagles are nearby too.

Educating the public on bald eagle habitats and protections is crucial. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission can take simple steps to prevent this kind of tragic event from happening again in the future. 

Actions that would help include putting up clear signage near bald eagle nests and sightings, which describe how the iconic birds must be protected, respected, and left alone. 

Tell the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission: protect the eagles! Sign the petition now if you agree!

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