Hurry, Match Ends December 31st

Winter is very difficult for many animals… especially dogs like Nova.

Our partner shelter in China rescued shivering and terrified Nova just in time. Hidden in a sack in the back of a truck, she was on her way to a butcher. 

They rushed her to their shelter where they are giving her warmth, food and comfort. But they need our help. 

I am hopeful you can help us send funds to them. Especially because of an amazing offer we received – three generous donors have pledged $15,000 for a Matching Gift Challenge. Yes, they will MATCH every dollar we raise (up to $15,000) between now and December 31st, giving us $30,000 and a remarkable opportunity to reach even more animals in need

It breaks my heart that animals like Nova are at risk, Chris. Cruelty aside, freezing temperatures take the lives of too many stray dogs and cats every winter. 

Every day, our partners save animals from freezing in the coldest parts of the world. They bring them back to the shelter to warm their paws and thaw their fur. They have to constantly shovel snow away from kennel doors and break the ice in water bowls. Shelters like these are depending on your generous donation to keep going.

Today, when you contribute $35, it will be matched dollar for dollar.

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