IFAW Bosnia Flood Support

The torrential rain came down in a way that no one alive can remember. In three days, Bosnia got as much rain as it usually gets in three months – and it was deadly for people and animals.

Bosnia has been devastated by intense floods, and animals are suffering.

Homes, schools, hospitals – 100,000 buildings in all – were destroyed or made unusable by the flooding. One of the buildings threatened is an animal shelter in Orasje, a town in northern Bosnia. A staff member worried that she might have to release 170 dogs to keep them from drowning if the shelter was flooded. So many other animals – dogs, cats, livestock and wildlife – are at risk.

At the request of the United Nations, IFAW’s disaster response team is on the way to help. We’ll work with our local partners to provide field assessments and to help rescue and care for dogs and other animals affected by the historic floods. We are already receiving urgent requests for clean water, food, and medical care, so we must act fast!

The situation in Bosnia is still chaotic, but I’ll keep you updated about what IFAW is doing for the floods’ animal victims.

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