The vaccine jab for kitty that could cure your allergy to cats

Am sure this article on the Mail Online will be of interest to many an allergy sufferer.

Sheffield-based Benchmark says its revolutionary injection can ‘neutralise’ the cat itself, rather than forcing humans to resort to costly treatments that often have limited effect.

It works by attacking a protein carried in cats’ saliva, urine and sweat that is the most common cause of cat allergies.

More than 725m people, about a tenth of the global population, are thought to be allergic to cats but options for alleviating the symptoms are limited.

As cats prowl their territory, they leave dander on surfaces such as bedding and sofas, wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers whose symptoms are triggered by the protein.

But Benchmark claims that HypoCat can ‘neutralise’ the Fel d 1 protein altogether, without harming the cat.

It is spending up to £8million to commercialise research by Swiss firm HypoPet, based at the University of Zurich, in the hope of making HypoCat available through vets within three or four years.

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