In the UK, the law requires primates be imported as pets…but their babies can still be experimented on

Primates are our closest relatives, and deserve our respect and care. Instead, for years, we have capitalized on that likeness by using them to conduct morbid tests in order to determine how we might react when exposed to toxic chemicals and drugs in certain amounts and scenarios. Toxicity testing involves subjecting poor monkeys, often long-tailed macaques, to more and more of a chemical or drug until they get sick or die and voila — we have a threshold for human use and consumption. These monkeys are stolen from their families and lush, beautiful homes, forced to live in metal cages alone and afraid. Come testing time, they are squeezed into metal collars, tight tubes, or other restraints and then injected or force fed these noxious materials. Their lives are lives of torture.

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