Ivory-obsessed poachers are slaughtering hippos for their teeth

Now That Elephant Ivory Is Protected, Poachers Are Trading Hippo Teeth

When UK lawmakers passed the UK Ivory Act, it was an amazing victory for conservationists. The law helped ensure that there is a near-total ban on elephant ivory worldwide, which is crucial for protecting these majestic animals.

However, poachers aren’t done. Now, they’re turning to hunting hippos for their teeth instead.

Elephants are very endangered, and their populations have dropped rapidly over the past 100 years, in large part due to poaching. This is why the UK Ivory Act was so necessary and so long overdue.

The only problem is: the law didn’t go far enough, since poachers are now going after other animals instead. 

In fact, experts fear that this shift in demand from elephant ivory to hippo teeth could devastate wild hippo populations. Hippos are already listed as “vulnerable to extinction” because of both poaching and habitat loss.

Sign the petition to tell the UK Parliament: bolster the UK Ivory Act by banning the trade of hippo teeth, too! We must protect all animals vulnerable to poaching!

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