15/01/13: Izzy arrived in her forever home yesterday lunchtime. The family had ‘almost’ decided to keep her but wanted to meet her before making their final decision. This took 5 minutes because from the first Izzy she was purring and cuddling with them. Kerstin also had fun with her on the taxi ride from the transport. Izzy came out of her soft bag 2 times and Kerstin had to transfer her to the passenger seat of her car. She realised that Izzy just wanted to be closer and to watch her. The little girl had actually been following me around all the time while she was with me. I think she was just SO happy to have nice people around her and some care after months in the protectora, that she wanted to talk and be with us. I know she had a horrible time there and I do not believe this adorable cat would have lasted much longer without our help. I am so relieved she managed to push her way into my re-homing room, because I had not really noticed her before that, and she is just gorgeous! Happy life Izzy. You are a VERY special, clever little cat.

09/01/13: Little Izzy is a VERY special cat from SOS Pechina. some weeks ago, I had selected which cats I was going to re-home next and Izzy was actually not one of them. They were in a special area at Pechina and when I went back to check on them one week later I saw little Izzy in there with them. She must have gone through the door from the main pen when my room was being cleaned. I almost put her out again, because then she was NOT pretty and I thought would not find a home easily, but she was so thin I was very worried about her so decided to leave her where she was and decide a little later if she needed treatment. 2 weeks later I was able to take the first photos of her because already she was looking much better.

Izzy’s problem at Pechina I think was that she is afraid of most cats, because she is a very gentle, sweet little girl. For this reason she was not managing to get enough food when she was in the big pen and was almost starving. I am SO glad I was able to help her, and now this very pretty little girl is actually a little fat! She does have a funny twisted little tail, but her face and her coat are now lovely. She is with me for this last week before the transport in a room with just 3 other sweet little girls, and she is very relaxed and loving the treat of wet food. Izzy will travel to Germany on Saturday, and the even better news is that Izzy had a family now. I am sure they will love this, now talkative, little darling, because she definitely stole my heart!


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