Jasper On His Way!

Sweet Loving Jasper

This morning I took Jasper to meet Roya, his flight partner to Munich. Both Jenny and I were very sorry to see him go.

He is probably the sweetest most loving of the litter of 5 that I rescued; even Begona our vet thought he was gorgeous as he required no tranquilisation, even for his blood test. He also needed a plaster for his poor broken little leg, when i first picked him up, and throughout it all, Begona described him as a ‘very good cat’!

Jasper With His Big Plaster

Now he is a big strong 5 month old kitten; his leg is completely healed and he is growing fast. Although I am sure he will miss, particularly his little sister Bonny, Jenny says that in the last week he has become more independent and actually quite protective of his food! This is good as in his new home he will be an only cat. But you will see from Martina’s description that it sounds lovely, and he won’t be short of company.

a home near Karlsruhe..as a single cat…but big house , small village…lots of cats ( all with owners! ) outside…cows, sheep etc.

Here’s hoping for more news of him soon, and for a great life for this little chap. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures that I took of him yesterday and a BIG thank you to both Tracy and Jenny who have fostered him so brilliantly.

Getting Quite Big

Striking A Pose

4 thoughts on “Jasper On His Way!

  1. Chris

    Good luck little chap!!! Another one off to a loving home, well done all 🙂

  2. Jenny

    I was so pleased to hear from Sands that Jasper has arrived safely in Germany. He has already been greatly missed by his brother and sister, Felix and Bonny – and especially by me! We have all been rather unsettled today and Bonny and Felix seem to have been looking for him. However, it is very pleasing to know that such an exciting life awaits him and he will be safely installed there soon. Jasper really is an adorable cat and I’m sure he will bring much joy to his new owners – best of luck to you Jasper boy!

  3. Sands Post author

    He is gorgeous. I was tempted to persuade Chris to take him but then Oscar came along. His new home sounds fantastic though. Thank you so much Jenny (and John!) for all you have done for him!

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