June 2012 Transport

17:00: The last cats and dogs were collected in Bruchsal at 11:30am and already the first news is coming in. Safe drive back to Chris and Mick, and well done for driving another safe and on time transport!
16/06/12: Yesterday morning Chris and Mick set off to Germany with 22 cats and 4 dogs, and I am awaiting news of the first arrivals in the next hour. This was a small transport for us, as it has been really quiet in Germany for adoptions over the past few weeks, and our huge April transport had filled every foster home! Of the 22 cats only 11 are going to Katzenherzen, and 2 (Layla and Tori) of these are from the alondras protectora in Almeria. The remaining 11 cats are from Cordoba (Waka, Mani, Nina, Ray and Nathan) and Murcia (Ysis, Malva, Koshka, Lana, Hena and Lucinda). We also took lovely sweet Lupe and cheeky Nicolas, 2 little dogs from Cordoba, that with their cats spent the night before the transport here in Almerimar (Thank you to Chris for driving to pick them up on Thursday), little puppy Nomi from the alondras and Bullero a galgo cross who also joined the transport in Murcia, and Amber dog who joined the transport in El Ejido and got off in Sorbas!

Most of the 9 AlStrays cats are off to adoptants. Poppy & Fleur (originally semi-finals) from Pauline in Vera, will have a home together, while 10 year old Lucy and Figgy are re-homed because they family are returning to live in the UK after over 10 years in Spain. 5 year old Tiger finally has a new family after a year in foster care, after his owner died. Arial is escaping the cage she has been living in for over a month after being abandoned, little Freya (the last of Matt’s 2011 kittens to travel, also has a foster home and Storm her friend goes to her new family. Comfrey meanwhile, having refused to be caught at Montse’s, and therefore having missed the last 2 transports, will finally be re-united with brother Bracken in their lovely new home in Germany. We are all very excited about this!

This WAS a smaller transport for us, but I am happy to have been able to give the free space to the other rescue centres. All these animals urgently needed to travel, and we are happy as always to help them. Once again a big thank you to our drivers and to everyone who has helped these animals in any way.

Our Mori Waggon

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