Junta de Andalucia Van Inspection

Further to my recent post today we had the Van Inspected.

No surprises (well to us anyway) that we passed with flying colours and now have yet another document that we can carry around with us.

Specifically they wanted to see:

  • Documentation for Van Certificate and Drivers License for the Transportation of Livestock
  • Signs saying that we had Live Animals onboard
  • Confirmation that the van had been cleaned and disinfected
  • The ability to identify and label timid, dangerous, ill animals etc
  • The Food and Watering chart to record when the animals and been fed/watered
  • Copy of the route

In addition they saw that: we carry 30 leads and collars with us, a first aid kit for the animals (as well as one for us), cat and dog food, 8 litres of water, 20 dog and cat bowls of various sizes, two spare cages, two torches, spare batteries, wipes, kitchen roll and disinfectant, spare blankets and towels, 30+ bungee straps and ratchet cables, poo bags, hand wipes and disinfectant gel.

The ‘certificate’ is good for a year.

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