Just a FEW DAYS to get two lion cubs released from zoo captivity

In a Kuwait zoo, lion cubs Najla and Sara endure a sad “life” in captivity. ALL IS READY (but funding for their flight) to FREE THEM and fly them to a wonderful sanctuary. Please, help usTime is of the essence!

In the Middle East, wealthy Gulf-state nationals buy wild animals to show off as status symbols. These animals are illegally imported, reared in captivity, bred, abused and then often escape or are discarded. This is no life for any wild animal, and no exotic species is safe from the illegal exotic pet trade: lions, chimpanzees, cheetahs and tigers are all kept as pets in countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Najla and Sara are lion cubs rescued from the illegal pet trade in the Middle East. Right now, they are stuck in a zoo in Kuwait. With your help, we will transport them to a safe sanctuary in South Africa where they can live in peace.

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Sara was rescued from Bedouins who intended to shoot her because they had been unable to sell her. She was rescued in the nick of time, malnourished, traumatized with cuts all over her face. She had been declawed and defanged – two senseless and extremely cruel, painful methods used to make a wild animal “safe” enough to be handled by humans, by leaving them defenceless. 

Najla meanwhile was kept as an illegal pet. She was confiscated from the hands of her irresponsible owner and taken to a zoo.

Najla and Sara were taken to the only safe place that would care for them: a zoo in Kuwait, where each female is living in a 6.5 square-foot (two-square-meter) enclosure. They have slowly been nursed back to health but this is ONLY a temporary solution, and they cannot – and MUST not – stay at the zoo indefinitely. 

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