Just About Ready

I’m off to the UK on Monday for 2 weeks, and the delayed transport to Germany is on Thursday so for the first time I will miss the cat drop and Pam will take charge with Erika to help her.

For me it is therefore a rush to get everything organised before I go, and I’m pleased to say that we are just about ready.

I’ve secured enough spaces on the transport to get our 8 cats and kittens away, we have enough cat boxes and water dishes, and all the cats are ready with their passports up to date and checked. This weekend Pam and I will label all the boxes with their various destinations, medicate the last 3 cats for the trip, and then I will make further checks re. timings on Monday before I go.

We will be ready!!!


3 thoughts on “Just About Ready

  1. Pam Roberts

    Well – I should be able to cope – done it enough times – any probs I will call on you!!!! Good news is that we dont have to be at the Dog Sanctuary until 8 am. All boxes are ready and each has a label so should be straightforward.

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