Kasper The Hunter

31/05/13: It seems we now have 2 hunter cats in the family, big Mori and little Kasper. Kasper is not a big cat but he has LOTS of character and attitude, and this morning he proved that he is all grown up by bringing home the breakfast! He came rushing down the stairs from the roof terrace and was immediately surrounded by all the other cats. It was fortunate for the little bird that he was so excited as he didn’t stop to actually kill it. Mummy managed to corner him, and release his captive, who promptly flew off, much to my relief. I was however very impressed by his hunting skills and as you can see from these photos our boy was quickly back up on the roof looking for his next victim! This hunting success coincides with Kasper’s move from kitten to adulthood as in 10 days our baby boy will be 1 year old. Kasper has also had a bit of a growing phase in the last few weeks, so maybe he has decided not to be quite such a small cat after all. He is definitely all male, and I think big Mori may have to watch out as he gets older. We have a very sweet and funny, but also quite fearless, dominant little character here! He is of course loved by all including stroppy Saidi. Kasper and Dusky are HER little boys.

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