As we write these words, the Gulf Coast storm called Hurricane Laura has just undergone a rare and deadly phenomenon known as “rapid intensification.” It’s projected to possibly wreak death and destruction similar to Hurricane Katrina! Countless animals are in harm’s way. We must help get them out!
This is an URGENT appeal for your help, as generous and as speedy as you can make it.
In just 24 hours, the storm’s power grew more than 70% and is continued to swell off the warm gulf waters. It is set to make landfall between Lake Charles, Louisiana and Houston, Texas as a killer ‘Category 4’ hurricane late tonight or early tomorrow!
PLEASE, rush your emergency donation now to help evacuate vulnerable Gulf Coast animals to safety AND help stage emergency rescue efforts for immediate mobilization!
We are right this minute contacting local rescue organizations on the ground and making sure that we are here with the full generosity of Network for Animals, just as we have been counted on in the past.

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