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I’ve posted today lots of photos of our new rescue kittens. To get great ones, I’ve spent a lot of time playing with our brilliant photo editing software, which I can thank Chris for. I’m always a little skeptical as to why we need all this software until I find a use for it, and today I have been singing the praises of Adobe Lightroom!

Kittens, in fact any animal, I find are tough photo subjects, as they won’t keep still and pose and if you get too close they become completely distracted by the camera, and in the case of out little Oscar, virtual eat it! I have therefore had a great time, improving the exposure and clarity of my photos and cropping them, at times to give brilliant close-ups of the kittens faces.

The first results are already up on this blog in my previous posts, but starting tomorrow I am posting each morning for 10 days ‘cute kitten’ faces, and I also have some new photos of our other fostered baby kittens, including little Xabi from Calle Alcor.

I hope you enjoy them, but the main reason I am spending all this time is to try and help these little buddies find good homes in Germany. Basically we need not only to rescue them, but also to do everything we can to help our friends in Germany market them well on their web site. Finding them real homes quickly is great for them and also means that we get money back faster to help another cat or kitten.

Obviously everyone has preferences as to which cats they think are more beautiful, and Martina has already fed back to me that black cats and what she calls ‘coyota’ (little 3 colour, but predominently brown) are not the most popular colours in Germany. We have 2 of the latter in out first litter of babies, and I was therefore especially keen to get good photos of them sent to Germany.

Martina is aiming to home the kittens in pairs where possible, and has suggested that, if necessary, we mix the less popular colours with the more recognisably beautiful kittens. This will be our fall-back but first we are trying to find homes for sibling pairs. SO if you want to check out our kittens on their home page, then please look at the Katzenherzen web site. (You will leave my blog but you can use your page back arrow to return).

The photos of our first litter, Mausi, Mizi, tiger and Caesar, and little Xabi have gone up on their site today, and I’m hoping for some interest in them soon.

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