Kitten smuggling – please raise this with your MP

The government has proposed new rules to prevent pet smuggling, but these plans currently exclude cats and kittens – potentially risking trafficking, trauma and tragedy for helpless kittens at the hands of kitten smugglers.

Thousands of cat lovers spoke up about this last year – but there is a big risk that the government is about to try and ignore our demands – so we need to increase the pressure, now. Please send an email to your MP using our simple form and ask them to speak up for cats.

Data from a 2021 Cats Protection survey estimated that, in the previous year, around 35,000 more cats had been brought into the UK than official figures suggested. These cats are potentially the victims of pet smugglers.

Despite this, the government has indicated it doesn’t think enough cats are being smuggled to justify protecting helpless kittens.

Those unscrupulous individuals who profit from animals at the expense of their welfare are interested in one thing – making a quick buck.

If it becomes riskier and harder to smuggle puppies, then kittens are an easy target for pet profiteers to turn to – let’s demand protections for both puppies AND kittens so we can stop the smugglers in their tracks.

How many kittens need to be exploited before action is taken?

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