Kittens need protection from unscrupulous sellers

We’ve seen an increasing number of people buying cats – instead of adopting them – over recent years. Sadly, this increased demand has led to unscrupulous individuals seeing an opportunity to make a quick profit, selling kittens without regard for their welfare.

Support our call for cat breeding regulations

Unfortunately, there are some sellers putting profit before welfare, neglecting the wellbeing of cats and kittens. Some even sell kittens who are underage and prone to illness.

Mum cats can be mistreated and forced to have kittens at a dangerous rate, putting a huge strain on their small bodies.

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We are seeing cats being purposely bred with extreme characteristics that are harmful to their welfare, meaning they could suffer a lifetime of pain.

To stop this, Cats Protection is calling for cat breeding to be regulated across the UK. Help us achieve this by signing our petition.

Protect cats from unscrupulous sellers

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