Kwikwi the dog lives in a storm drain, has uncontrollable nerve damage, tremors and is pregnant

Another Country. Another Country. Same old sad story of human neglect and abuse ….

Kwikwi is one of 60 homeless dogs struggling to survive on just one street in Arusha, Tanzania.

There are no shelters and no laws to protect them. Please help us make their lives a little bit better by treating their wounds, deworming, vaccinations and spay-neuter surgery.

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In Arusha, Tanzania, countless homeless street dogs roam the streets surviving on scraps. In this city of 750,000 people, there is not a single animal shelter. When dogs get sick, they die – or if they recover, live sad, suffering lives. There are no laws to protect them. The authorities don’t help. The dogs are on their own.

We met Kwikwi as she crawled out of a storm drain in a shabby, dirty street where some 60 street dogs live. She approached us wagging her tail, shaking piteously as she did so. And she is pregnant. Our hearts went out to her.

There were other street dogs there, but Kwikwi was unmissable because of her tremor, because she is pregnant and because she is so friendly, clearly hopeful that we had come to rescue her.

There is one small local organization that helps street dogs, the Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA). We asked ASPA’s vet, Dr. Frank Alkado, to examine Kwikwi. ASPA has limited funds and has nowhere to examine sick animals, so Dr. Frank went with us to examine her in the street where she lives. He said Kwikwi’s pathetic state was nerve damage, caused either by a car hitting her, a neurological disease or the after-effects of canine distemper.

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