03/11/12: Leon did travel to Germany on the September transport, and after a few weeks in a trial home, where the owned cat would not accept Leon, he has found true love with princess Deisy, and a loving forever home with Mum Flora.
26/07/12: Leon is a lovely friendly cat, still at SOS Pechina and looking for an adoptant or foster home in time for the next transport 08.09. Because he is on my re-homing list he has been taken out of the big cat pen and unfortunately will spend the next 5 weeks in a much smaller cage with 1 or 2 other cats. He is however now getting better food and seems healthy and a good weight. I liked him a lot when I met him, and like most of the other Pechina cats, he must surely have had an owner at one time. He is now about 2 and I’m hoping he will be off to a much better life soon.

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