Lions are suffering in the war on Ukraine

Caught my eye because people don’t realise just how many animals are effected

Four Lion Cubs and a Black Leopard Cub Have Been Saved From the War in Ukraine!

Last week, five wild animals crossed the Ukraine-Poland border after a long 36 hours of travel to escape the tragic war in Ukraine. They are now safe and rescued in Poland, temporarily staying at a zoo until there is space made at a nearby sanctuary. But many big cats still remain in the war-torn country. It is time the European Union and United States step up to rescue the hundreds of lions at risk in Ukraine!

Sign now to demand the EU and U.S. come together to provide funding and resources to rescue the remaining lions still in danger in Ukraine!

The European Union and United States have the money and resources to ensure that every single lion in Ukraine is safely transported away from the violence. These charismatic creatures deserve space in sanctuaries that resemble their natural habitats, not to be trapped in a home with bombs going off nearby. Clearly this is possible, given the success of the effort to rescue the four lion cubs and black leopard cub already.

Sign the petition now to tell the EU and U.S.: protect the remaining lions who are trapped in Ukraine!

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