Little Bono Update

Bono was our biggest rescue. He is the gorgeous kitten that was unable to eat himself when we first rescued him, because his poor little mouth wouldn’t open sufficiently, which is possibly why he was abandoned. We fed him meat smoothies and milk for weeks using a syringe, and when he was finally able to slowly eat soft food, Martina found him a fantastic home in Switzerland with a lovely lady doctor and her beautiful kitten Desdemona. Sabine even flew to Spain in March to collect him.

He is now close to 8 months old and his little life seems to be getting better and better. His problems have been diagnostic via extensive X-ray, and surgery is an option being considered, he adores his new best buddy Desdemona, and recently Sabine has bought a house. This is her latest email:

I had a lot of action the last weeks…but the reason is very nice!
I bought a house for my babys and me! In the early future ( after renovation) we will have our own garden (600m2) and two apple trees to climb up 🙂
The organisation takes a lot of time, but I am very happy getting a cat door!!!! Perhaps they will play on saturday and sunday at 5.30 am outside and not in my bed……

Nathan has grown and now he is a little bit larger then Desdemona. The vet is content with his weight and convinced, that he can eat enought on his own. Meantime he needs about 350 g food and 140ml catmilk a day….:-) and he is slim and tall. The milk certainly in a baby bottle….a syringe is not large enouhgt.

This time his left ear is inflamed…we have a salve. A few weeks ago, he got some milk in his lung….the vet gave him an injection to avoid a pneumonia. But he is well and he loves living!
Today I will take them to the new home. I have to work there and they can play outside.
Meantime they follow me like dogs and I can`t go a step without them. Both of them knows the name. Desdemona comes every time if I call her…Nathan, if he wants to do it :-))

The decision what we will do with his jaw, is still open. There are many risks and many pros…. “

He is VERY lucky to have found Sabine. This little one may well have some health problems all his life if his jaw cannot be corrected, but Sabine has the knowledge, resources and love to keep him as healthy as possible, and give him a great life. He is a real character as well as being beautiful, was loved by all here, and was definitely well worth all our hard work in saving him.

I look forward to new photos from Sabine, and if you want to read more about Bono (or Nathan as he is now called), please click on his name in the Tag Cloud.

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  1. Jenny

    Wonderful to get an update on Bono/Nathan’s progress, and what a happy little cat he sounds – and no wonder since he appears to be completely spoilt, together with his beautiful girlfriend Desdemona. Not at all surprising that he ‘loves living’! It seems he will have the most perfect home and surroundings once the project is complete. Well done Sabine!

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