Little Felix

Little Felix will always be the baby of the Almerimar 5. He was the one that I caught last, and when first rescued he had a very bad chest and was definitely the smallest. Now he is not so small but remains very cute, and has this lovely little white tip to his tail.

Lovely Little Felix

I posted a couple of weeks ago that Felix had a new home with another sweet kitten. This unfortunately hasn’t worked out, as that other kitten wanted a new friend NOW, and little Felix was still here in Spain.

The good news is that he does now definitely has a permanent home (in frankfurt with an cute male cat) and he will travel to Germany with sister Bonny on Saturday.

AND thank you again to Tracy for the photos and for bringing him back to health with care and love.

With Bruno

Lovely Little Felix

Lovely Little Felix

Not SO Little Any More

STILL Cute Though

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