Little Leah / Dora

28/07/13: It seems that Leah doesn’t want to be friends with Musta, so she will need to find another forever home, maybe as an only cat. Leah it seems is more of a people than a cat friendly cat! For now however she is fine in her foster home, and is looking very well in her new photo.
14/07/13: Leah has arrived well in Germany, and as soon as she had rested she set off to explore the whole apartment, before finding a secure place to sleep again in peace! Musta is for now disappointed that her old friend does not want to play, and Leah has been hissing a little at Finni who was also trying to be friendly. I think however that once she is settled, Leah will be back to her more relaxed self. The other news from the last few days is that Leah actually had an old chip and from this I learned that she is 3 years old and used to be called Dora. She did actually seem to know this name even after months at Pechina. Here’s hoping she makes friends quickly and can stay in her foster home.


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09/07/13: Leah DOES now have a foster home in Germany waiting for her, and has spent the last 2 weeks in my foster room here relaxing before her transport and being treated for any parasites. She is very very well, completely loveable, AND so much prettier than in her earlier photos from Pechina. The great news is that she will be re-united with her old friend Musta in Germany, and if she charms her family, maybe she will already have her forever home! I am SO hoping they will love her after all she has been through and that she will be settled and happy at last. I love her, and have enjoyed watching her relax and start to play again. She is a very sweet, friendly darling of a cat and deserves all the love she can get.
29/04/13: Leah is another lovely little lady, of about 2 year, that has been at SOS Pechina for months. I feel verysorry for her particularly as she has spent a lot of that time caged as she kept suffering from a reoccurrinsg cold, and the outside pen was too cold for her. Now she is finally looking healthy and a much better weight. She is on my list as urgent for a foster home in Germany in June, but I am hoping a family will fall in love with her before then.

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