Little Mila

19/12/13: FANTASTIC news tonight is that Mila’s foster Mum IS going to adopt her, so Mila has her forever home. This is not a surprise and she is SO sweet and from some new photos looks VERY at home already!
18/12/13: Mila is the first cat from the perera in Almeria that I have been involved in saving. She was due to be euthanised within days when I saw her photo on Facebook and made contact re. sponsoring her. Originally the plan was that she would go to one of my foster homes, but as I was in the UK at the time, and it quickly became apparent that Mila did not like other cats, other plans needed to be made. Mila had had a very tough time in the pen with all the other cats, and also became pregnant there as no cats are castrated unless they have an adoptant to pay the vet bill. When I met her for the first time at my vet she did not cooperate with our photo shoot and it was only about 2 weeks ago that I finally managed to take these better photos of a very pretty little lady, now about 5 years old. Very fortunately just as I sent them to Germany, Martina had a request for a slightly older single female cat. Within days the perfect trial home was fixed for Mila who traveled to Germany last week, JUST before her foster Dad here was about to go on holiday for Christmas! The latest news is that Mila is VERY friendly to her new Mum, so we are all hoping that this home will become forever and Mila will now be settled and happy for the rest of her life!

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