Little Polly

07/05/13: Polly is a little darling of a cat, found badly injured and taken to SOS Pechina. She is now about a year old and has needed surgery on both her back legs which were broken, maybe from being hit by a car. This surgery has been done at a vet’s local to Pechina, and I have been told all is now fine and Polly is ready to look for her forever home. She already had one lady interested in her in Germany but as she wasn’t ready to travel at the time, this kind person has decided to give a home to Gethan, another beautiful cat from Pechina. I am hoping to be able to take Polly out of Pechina in the next 10 days as for now she is only in a small cage after her recent castration, and she was not very happy when I visited last week. Polly is a real people cat and was yelling and yelling for attention. I think it is obvious from her photos how sweet this little lady is!

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