Luc & Lucie News

I have just received this update from Kerstin:

“Luc and Lucie are fine… Luc is very cute and cuddles since the first minute.. He is a dreamcat and slept all the night in the arms of the forster mum…

Lucie was hiding and was not found until today morning… she came out at breakfast… she is very fearful and looks after all in the apartment… if the forster mum is too nearby then she is hissing but is not hidding in this moment… so she only needs time…
last night they seemed to have fun – all things in the apartement they threw down… “

I wonder if this is a foster home or effectively a trial home? Luc is SUCH a charmer, I think he will be hard to let go. We will see!!!

OOps now I have more information. Their foster Mum already has 3 big cats, so this probably IS just a foster home, but the important thing for now is that Lucie gets lots of time and strokes to become more happy with people.

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