Lunch With Gisela

Yesterday we invited Gisela, the German lady who runs the cat rescue home, to have lunch with us in Almerimar and to visit all the cats and kittens here. Whilst Gisela was in hospital recently we brought some of her kittens back to foster homes in Almerimar and 7 of them are still here, so naturally she wanted to see them, particularly as 3 she had bottle fed from the age of 2 days … her ‘babies’. We had a good day, including my cheesecake that was actually pretty delicious, and Gisela said it was one of the best days of her life, as she was so happy to be re-united and that her kittens had been so well looked after. So well done to Tracy, Dawn, Jean and George and actually Chris and I who have looked after the little buddies through a variety of problems for the past 2 months.

AND thank you to Pam for lunch and Pam and Mary for all their support.

2 thoughts on “Lunch With Gisela

  1. Chris

    Looks fun!!! Those kittens are really cute …..

    Was good that you all gave Gisela such a good day, she said it was one of the best days of her life, so congrats to all of you …… just what she needed!

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