Throughout the year we run what are best described as a Luxury Pet Transport Service between Spain, France and the UK.

These transports are generally around holiday periods and are used primarily by ourselves, family and friends with second properties in France or Spain. We run them throughout the year, but we have limited capacity so it is advisable to book early, especially if you want a holiday period or to travel with your pets.

We have a range of vehicles that we can use and all are DEFRA Certified, and when the Pet’s Owner isn’t traveling with us we carry the necessary Declaration, signed by the owner, giving us permission to transport their pet on their behalf, under the terms of the PETS Scheme. In general we use the Range Rover making it an extremely luxurious transport service.

A door to door service, we tend to take a little longer with these transports, often stoping over night at a friends hotel which is very pet friendly and very safe, or at one of the many pet friendly hotels we have used over the years.

We offer two options: 1) we will transport your pet and 2) we will transport you, your pet and your luggage.

This is very much a bespoke service, with availability limited and demand high, but with the flexibility for us to work out a schedule and itinerary with you.

By it’s very nature it isn’t cheap!

We will happily provide a quote for any requirement you may have so if this is something you are interested in please complete the Form Below.

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