Lyaris and Rasfi

13/09/12: It seems these 2 are getting on just fine in their foster home, from the latest photos. Rasfi looks very beautiful in hers! Enjoy!!!
30/08/12: These are 2 more beautiful Almeria street cats recently rescued by Montse. They will both be traveling to a foster home on the next transport 08.09, and from there the girls hope to re-home them together. Rasfi will be a good friend to Lyaris as she is a very, playful, confident, friendly little girl who likes to use Montse as a ‘human pillow’. Lyaris is more shy and will need time to become a tame boy. Our hope however is that his handsome looks will help attract interested families in Germany. They will have one beautiful more nervous cat and one pretty little people cat who likes to cuddle. They are both about the same age, and will have met before they travel. Things are all looking good for this lovely pair.

Click on the photos to see them full size and have the option to download them.

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