Mackie / Curro

06/11/12: Mackie is one of 2 very beautiful friendly black boys, that have been at SOS Pechina for some time. I had already put him up for adoption when Corinne gave me his original details and I realised that he had a name all along. Mackie is actually called Curro, and he is definitely 3 years old, because his original owner registered him and owned him from a small kitten. I never understand how anyone can own a cat and then hand it into a rescue centre after 3 years, but Curro has done ok and has remained a big strong boy. He has been in a foster home for the past 2 weeks to ensure he is healthy and parasite free and he will be off to his ‘trial’ home on Saturday’s transport to Germany. I am very happy because this cat is just gorgeous. Of course I AM biased as I love black cats, but I think it is obvious from his photos what a friendly, cuddle boy Curro is. I am sure his home will not be a trial one for too long!

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